Body Treatments

Body Wrap                                                                               $150
Beginning with a body polish you will be cocooned in
unique warm clay to infuse natural
moisturising minerals into the skin.
Body Indulgence                                                                      $195
Combining the body polish and wrap with a body
Purifying Back Treatment                                                        $110
A deep cleansing scrub followed by an antibacterial mask
and finished with a stress relieving back massage.
Exfoliating Body Scrub                                                              $80
Hydro active mineral salts customised with aromatherapy
essential oils that will help smooth skin, relax stressed
muscles and sooth the senses.
Thalgomince LC24 Warm Body Wrap                                       $165
Assists in the improvement of micro-circulation, fluid
retention and localized cellulite.
Micronized Marine Algae                                                           $175
The original marine algae wrap, rich in minerals & vitamins.
This treatment assists in the reduction of fatty deposits,
fluid retention & toxins (cellulite) by detoxifying the skin
tissue. This relaxing treatment gives a feeling of
“general well-being” & relieves aches & pains.